Amazon single sign-on service for Web sites and apps



Amazon single sign-on service for Web sites and apps

Amazon announced a small, but significant change to its “Login with Amazon” service which currently offers an alternative method to sign up for and authenticate with mobile applications on both the Android and iOS platforms. Starting today, Amazon Appstore developers taking advantage of this opportunity on apps designed for Kindle Fire will no longer need to ask their customers to sign into apps by entering in their Amazon account information, like their email and password.

Instead, the first time these apps are run, users will only need to agree to share their Amazon account information with the application that one time. From then on, every time the user launches the app, they’ll be automatically logged in using the same account registered to their Kindle Fire device.

Signing up and logging into apps, though a seemingly modest process, is actually a stopping point for many mobile consumers, who initially download an app out of curiosity, wanting only to take a look. But when they launch the application, they’re met with a login box, asking them, at best, to create an account using their email or Facebook login info, and, at worst, they’re stepped through a form that requires several bits of personal information, like a full name, phone number or even a birthdate.

In other words, developers have a very short window to make a good first impression, and requiring an immediate sign-up is not always the best option.