Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Hacked



Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Hacked

The Samsung Galaxy S5 hasn’t been on sale for a week, and already a German security firm has hacked its fingerprint reader. The Berlin based firm “SRLabs” employed the exact same trick used to hack the iPhone 5′s own fingerprint reader.

The hack only needs a cameraphone photo of the fingerprint of the S5 owner, a printer, and a type of liquid rubber. SRLabs’ researchers merely inverted the photo colors, then printed out the photo using a thick toner setting, so fingerprint’s indentations would appear as thick black lines.

The researchers then covered the printout with a type of fast-drying liquid rubber, such as pink latex milk or white wood glue, which took the form of the original fingerprint as it dried. The hackers then positioned the mold on their own finger and used it to successfully unlock the S5.

This is the same technique that German hacking group Chaos Computer Club used last September to hack the iPhone 5S, also less than a week after the phone first went on sale.

The Galaxy S5 doesn’t limit the number of times a person can try to enter a fingerprint, meaning any would be hackers can repeat the somewhat gentle process of creating a fingerprint mold and trying it out as many times as needed.