Microsoft warns of Internet Explorer flaw



Microsoft warns of Internet Explorer flaw

Microsoft has warned consumers that vulnerability in Internet Explorer browser could let hackers advance access and user rights to their computer.

The flaw affects Internet Explorer ver 6 to 11 and Microsoft said it was aware of “limited, targeted attacks” to exploit it.

According to NetMarket Share, the IE versions account for more than 50% of global browser market.

Microsoft says it is investigating the flaw and will take “appropriate” steps.

The firm, which issued a security advisory over the weekend, said the steps “may include providing a solution through our monthly security update release process, or an out-of-cycle security update, depending on customer needs”.

The US government recommended computer users to consider using substitute web browsers until a security fix is released.

 “If the current user is logged on with administrative user rights, an attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system”

XP impact

However, the issue may be of special worry to people still using the Windows XP operating system. That is because Microsoft ended official support for that system earlier this month.

It means there will be no more official security updates and bug fixes for XP.

Cyber security firm Symantec said it had carried out tests which confirmed that “the vulnerability crashes Internet Explorer on Windows XP”.

About 30% of all desktops are thought to be still running Windows XP and analysts have previously warned that those users would be vulnerable to attacks from cyber-Attacks.

Microsoft has recommended businesses and consumers still using XP should upgrade to a newer substitute.